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These are significant steps for higher efficiency, happier customers and secure applications that fit all-around expectations.

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Robust software development can be a complex and time-consuming process. Organizations involved in software development often occupy developers to handle this complex but completely automatable process. This practice burns a lot of money that organizations could allocate to the actual development of their product.

On another hand companies have a hard time to hire DevOps personnel due to its broad technical and cultural approach.

As a DevOps-as-a-service provider, our purpose is to support organizations’ operational efforts with a clear and straightforward dashboard that’s integrated to various softwares and tools. This way our clients gain continuous feedback on the functionality of the software, resulting less downtime and supporting operational efforts.


Continuous Integration & Delivery

Not only your developers have a headache due to repeated steps of tests and deployments but those hurt your budget, as well. Without CI/CD, your company’s burning valuable time and money your teammates could use to improve your product. Establishing proper CI/CD integration we help drive efficiency improvements and by reducing time and money spent on deployments.

Robust software delivery
Deep Atlassian Jira support


Your applications are vulnerable fragile as virtual machines (VMs). Your applications are vunerable when running solely within a virtual machine host environment?

VMs waste costly host resources and are much more difficult to maintain compared with containerized environments. They represent a significant risk to your business when they fail. Your product is more stable as a container. We will help you with containerization.


Sorting out your containers is difficult when it comes to release management. The more complex your application is, the more relevant container orchestration becomes.

Kubernetes is an open-source tool that provides portability and multi-cloud capability. Besides these advantages Kubernetes enables teams to scale and deploy faster than ever. We’ll set it up for you.

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Cloud MigrationCloud Migration

Your on-prem and private servers no longer offer the flexibility your business needs to improve your operations. Missing out on flexibility is the fastest way to lose customers. Migrating your data centres to cloud providers – like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud – gives your organization the resiliency to stay competitive.

Cost OptimalizationCost Optimalization

Getting lost in the abyss of your costs is the shortest way towards overspending. Your costs can get off the grid by spending too much on tools you need to get things done, as well as having costly internal processes that might be unnecessary. We’ll look at your ecosystem and gather suggestions of cost-effective alternatives of your tools and operations.

SDLC ImprovementSDLC Improvement

When done wrong, software development lifecycle (SDLC) can include extra steps that unnecessarily waste everyone’s time and the organization’s money. This isn’t just an operational but also a cultural problem that leads to employee satisfaction plummeting, as well as costs rising and missing deadlines. We’ll check your SDLC routines and recommend solutions to shave off time and money your team can spend on to create direct value instead.


You want to start your own DevOps venture but don’t know where to start. Your biggest challenge is DevOps isn’t a product – it’s a cultural approach. We’re here to help you take the first steps towards DevOps adoption.

Release ManagementRelease Management

Tracking the versions of your product turns more challenging as your application’s complexity increases. This can exponentially increase the length and costs of deployments. In other words, deployments burn both time and money. Our release management tool, simplifies deployments to a few steps, making developers unnecessary to monitor and control the process.

Architecture EvaluationArchitecture Evaluation

Organizations, including yours, have little to no idea about what their technical architecture is capable of. Knowing your technical ecosystem’s potential is the first step towards improvement. Take your organization to the next level by finding out where you are with our architecture evaluation.

Start your technology journey with our cloud experts and see how far you'll go

The future of business is in the cloud.

Packages is structured to help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals at various stages of Cloud continuum (private, public and hybrid); We work with our customers to choose the right cloud strategy and environments that address their specific business needs at any stage of the cloud journey.

Managed ServicesManaged Services

Remote Monitoring and Management of Cloud provider environments. 24x7 production support and SLA based response times. End to end management of cloud services across applications, middleware and databases.


On Premise Application to any Cloud provider. On Premise Application to hybrid. Database to Database including Old to New and Cross Platform (e.g Oracle to MYSQL)


Cloud Design, Architecture and Implementation. Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) implementations. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. Monitoring, Logging and Real Time Alerting.

Cloud Native DevelopmentCloud Native Development

Development of scalable, resilient and secure applications built for the cloud leveraging its full power

Kubernetes ClusteringKubernetes Clustering

Make the potential of containers an operational reality and run containerized applications across multiple machines and environments.


DevSecOps activities are performed to incorporate security controls into DevOps processes. It aims to solve security problems in the “fast” product/application delivery processes that come with DevOps.

Hire us

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated DevOps engineers for infrastructure planning, testing and development. Build your own managed dedicated DevOps team and get engineers of any expertise and seniority.

Fixed Price Model

Outsource a predefined scope of tasks for your DevOps project. Hire DevOps Engineers on an hourly or full-time basis.

DevOps Consultancy

Get our expert assistance to create your own standardized DevOps solution for your business. Our DevOps consulting practices focus on the overall speed, scalability, and security of any software solution

If you do not see a DevOps solution for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to review your requirements and make a customised proposal.

Technical Skills

Our DevOps specialists at are experienced cloud engineers with high level of interest in the latest innovations regarding rapid delivery of quality software. Similar to DevOps, our teammates are on-boarded to new projects from pre-sales through delivery of the defined tools and processes to serve organization's business purposes. They analyse requirements and control the scope of the project. To us it's not only a necessity to stay up-to-date regarding cloud technologies, but also a matter of personal interests. After all, utilizing technologies is something we enjoy to do.

Our team's expertise consists of the following skills:

skill-icon-list-itemExperience architecting, building and maintaining robust cloud environments in Azure, AWS, and GCP
skill-icon-list-itemContainer technologies, including Kubernetes, Docker, Podman, CRI-O
skill-icon-list-itemScripting and development skills in Bash, Python or Golang, etc.
skill-icon-list-itemNetworking and security troubleshooting regarding firewalls, routing, NAT, etc.
skill-icon-list-itemSecurity runbooks, policy, and best practice documentation
skill-icon-list-itemAzure and Kubernetes certifications such as architect and security is working with the following companies



We're a Szeged, Hungary based team of DevOps experts dedicated to creating value to organizations with our DevOps-as-a-Service solutions. In the meantime, we're working on, the release management tool that'll innovate how developers and organizations think about deployments.

Security is golden

The security of your business is our top priority. Without secure software there's no secure business, and vice versa. Along the way of optimizing your workflows and tools to serve more efficient DevOps practices, we're always bearing security requirements in mind.

We're lean & adaptive

Our partners find value in working with us because we're striving for the greatest possible impact with the least of resources. At the same time, we're looking for ways to deliver improvements as frequently as we can to make our clients' work easier.

We're seeking growth

Your business deserves to grow – both by technical tools and knowledge. Our experience would be meaningless without keeping up with the latest innovations of DevOps tools and cloud technologies. Therefore, we are always looking for better newest solutions to deliver value to our partners and support their efforts for digital transformation.

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